Here are some names that could be active today :

IShares20yr Treasury (TLT:NYSE) This ETF is always active when Bernanke speaks. Especially with day traders who are looking to grab 50 cents to a buck. TLT is a great trading vehicle for both longs and shorts.

Lithium Exploration (LEXG.OB) The stock ripped again yesterday, but bent a little lower on what seemed to be profit taking. LEXG has been one of the best penny stocks recently. Today will be a great test for follow through on this move.

AIG (AIG:NYSE) Has been trading at the lows. Shares should see much more activity the closer we get to the monster secondary offering. Kate Kelly from CNBC seems to have to best info on this one. Watch for news of the roadshow for a read on AIG.

Netflix (NFLX:NASDAQ) Do the bounce buyers come in today ? Or do they wait for the usual three day down draft that is often associated with stocks that sell off after earnings ? Once again, as I mentioned in yesterday NFLX entry, the sidelines might be the best way to play this one until it settles down.

American Superconductor (AMSC:NASDAQ) Seems to be going through the bottoming process after being smashed. There is somewhat of a cult following with this stock. So if it shows some strength, it could be a swing trade mover.

IShares Silver Trust (SLV:NYSE) I hate to keep mentioning this one so often, but I sort of have to. Don’t I ? Once again, it’s at the top of the Yahoo Market Pulse trending feature, and could continue to be newsy. I seem to think that too many people are looking to buy a pullback.

Deltron (DTRO.PK) This one is top penny stock on IHUB message boards. I try to highlight the IHUB factor on every “Stocks to Watch” entry, because when people post on message boards, volume usually follows. Deltron should be especially active with sub penny stock scalpers today.

Radient Pharmaceuticals (RPC:AMEX) This was was a monster winner for us a while back (see RPC) when we issued an alert on the stock. It’s now trending towards the lows. However, every time RPC seems to be done, it stages a sharp rally on some PR. This is a great one to keep on your list of penny stocks and to input on your quote monitor, but you really have to check it everyday. Because when RPC moves it moves, but just follow it for now.

Please check back for more market news, IPO market updates and alerts on some of the best penny stocks to buy.

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