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This week, I want to take a break from detailing the weeks recap on marijuana stocks. While the sector has been beaten down, sector investors largely realize that the SEC‘s attack on the sector leaders leaves many questions as to the true motives of the actions. And while these trials have taken a severe toll on the sector for now, I believe there are catalysts in the pipeline that will make it difficult to keep the best MJ-related aspiring companies down for very long.

While I will continue to invest in the companies that are laying the groundwork necessary to capitalize on the coming changes in marijuana laws, the U.S. government continues at a snail’s pace towards ending marijuana prohibition.

The Federal Government Just Ordered A Thousand Pounds Of Marijuana

Quite simply, the unison of the will of the people and the illegality of marijuana is out of sync. Now I could spend my time here providing pages upon pages of resources and links to support my case, and that may be a future project. But today I feel like just putting my feelings out there to share with you, as a somewhat disgusted American citizen.

The drug war and associated fear campaign that has been continued against this plant for decades has cost millions of people their freedom and ruined many lives. And now, while it is becoming more recognized that derivatives of the cannabis plant may have major medical efficacy in many realms of human health, actors within our government continue to drag their feet or stand in the way of rescheduling the plant so it can be further researched in the effort to improve people’s lives.

What makes this all particularly troubling is that many people do not fully realize realize the ridiculous hypocrisy that exists in the continuance of marijuana as a schedule 1 drug preventing its medical study.

The U.S. government Department of Health and Human Services HOLDS A PATENT on the medicinal qualities of MJ derivatives. WOW, that’s great, right? Well, while it seems to be an open and closed case that MJ can no longer be a schedule 1 drug, when by definition, a schedule 1 drug has NO medicinal properties. But over 13 years have passed since they filed the patent and the hypocrisy of MJ as schedule 1 classified drug still stands.

Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants – Patent abstract

US Government has patents on Cannabis –

Feds patented medical pot…while fighting it – NY Post 9/11/13

The government has held this patent since 2001, and almost nothing has been done to rectify the situation. It is a bad joke that continues on year after year, diminishing respect for the government among Americans with knowledge of the long standing hypocrisy. The fact that marijuana remains a schedule 1 drug in the face of so much available information on the medical efficacy of  combined with an actual U.S. held patent confirming such, leaves me a disgusted American.

There are just too many people suffering wrongful imprisonment, and too many others being forced to consider more harmful, costly, side-effect ridden drug treatments as a result of this hypocrisy. While I remain ashamed of our government’s pace on MJ reform, I am hopeful that progress will continue on allowing the research to unfold concerning what very well could be new found keys to human health contained in Earth’s naturally occurring cannabis plant.

Educate yourself

‘The Union’, a film created in 2007 is in my opinion, one of the most highly informative documentaries which explains the history and legal context of marijuana in the United States. While seven years old, there are a few outdated aspects, such as Canada’s MMJ progress not being covered, but not enough so to disregard this exceptional resource. If you have not seen this film, it is free at the link below, and I highly encourage you to watch it.

Got a couple hours to expand your mind? You won’t be sorry that you did.

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