June, 2010 | Penny Stocks

bin laden death Bin Laden Death And Oil StocksThis piece will probably be the first of many that you will see from us regarding the impact of Bin Laden’s death on the global markets. Markets rallied on the news of successful military maneuver, and expectedly, oil traded lower. Is this too simple ? Probably. Does anyone really think that Al-Qaeda is simply going to close up shop because of Bin Laden’s death ? That just seems naive to me. Now don’t get me wrong, the Obama administration deserves a ton of credit for executing what seemed like a flawless plan, while taking a major amount of political risk. However, if you read between the lines, airlines are increasing random passenger checks, and the U.S. State Department has issued a travel alert. In other words it’s just not that simple for stock traders to simply go short oil related stocks and long most other sectors. 5 penny stock energy plays nasdaq Do you really think a stock like Exxon Mobil (XOM:NYSE) is going to sell of sharply because of this event ? Do you think that penny stock traders will lose interest in oil related micro caps because of Al Qaeda losing their figurehead ?

For instance, what happens if we see even more unrest in the Middle East because of Bin Laden’s death, and North Africa due to this event ? How would that impact oil prices and stocks ? Now it’s obviously a possibility that some selling in oil related investments may take place in the near term. But will that selling just be creating buying opportunities? Right now, there are just far too many moving parts to this announcement to take any type perceived market direction for granted. The situation is just too fluid at this point. This is why we will be providing color on the story and how it impacts the market on a fairly frequent basis this week. We will also provide some specific stocks to watch too, but only after the market action plays out a little bit. At this point, the best approach might just be to sit tight, and start forming a list of stocks that will react to this event. Stay tuned, we will be back with some specific names soon.

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June, 2010 | Penny Stocks


vizs stock chart Stock Watch (OTC:VIZS)

1. VIZS is a minority owned business.  Fortune 1000 companies MUST spend money with diverse businesses.  VIZS has a great angle here.  So much money is being spent that VIZS would only need to capture minuet fractions of these budgets to generate huge revenue.

2.We love gold, silver, oil

etc.  But this is something unique and different that we feel will

attract investors

to this

penny stock

.  There are a thousand different

gold companies

, while there are only just a few

private jet booking companies

in this massive $8.5 billion dollar industry.

3. VIZS just started to trade.  It is a virtually unknown company right now.  VIZS was up 14% yesterday on news of just a $2 million revenue acquisition.  If the company has any other news that they are waiting on releasing we could see a buying frenzy. penny stocks 2017 to watch   Investors are always looking for a ground floor opportunity.

4. BUZZ:  If people aren’t talking, they aren’t buying.  The internet is humming with chatter about VIZS.  Everyone is talking.  Since the company just started trading, investors could be looking to see where the price settles and gets comfortable.  If VIZS closes in the green again today lookout.  The eyes that will be on VIZS could cause an EXPLOSION!!


VIZS is obviously looking to expand.  They already announced one acquisition.  If VIZS continues to buy companies that are already producing revenues and have a large client base we could see an impact.  I like that they are out there buying out competition.  Many companies are shying away from owning private jets after the debacle with the Auto industry execs flying to Washington in their private jets and asking Congress for a few billion like it was pocket change.  VIZS can book you a flight almost anywhere with just 4 hours notice. Here is the

Vistar Press Release

Everything is looking good for VIZS on the service.  Only time will tell.  All I know is that I love everything I see so far.

Even if you didn’t participate in VIZS, keep your eye on it.

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