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As noted in a prior blog entry this week, we feel oil could be volatile and undervalued. The growing concern over nuclear power is making fossil fuels fashionable again. Throw Libya and Bahrain in the mix and we could see over $100 for come time. Keep in mind that every world crisis brings opportunities to find fast rising penny stocks. It’s unfortunate, but true.

Now how do play rising oil prices without buying stocks like Exxon (XOM:NYSE) or Shlumberger (SLB:NYSE) ? Most investors try to keep it simple and usually stick with true oil names. Others look for more exotic ways. Namely, alternative energy stocks. Even the more established names in this sector like First Solar (FSLR:NASDAQ) are extremely volatile and move in a fashion similar to a hot penny stock. Alternative energy stocks usually moves higher when oil spikes or trends higher.The current environment and news flow makes it a little easier to put together a stock list with potential rising stocks. As usual try to include both large caps and penny stocks.

I will now mention a few stocks for you to research. The first is Kandi Technologies (KNDI:NASDAQ). They develop electric cars and could trade in sympathy with Tesla Motors (TSLA:NASDAQ) as well. Kandi Technologies is based in China. Kandi has been a darling of  daytraders who provide excellent liquidity.

metatrader 4 penny stocks” alt=”sunvalley solar Alternative Energy Penny Stocks”>The next name to add to your list of stocks is Sunvalley Solar (SSOL:OTC.PK). Sunvalley manufactures solar equipment and is frequently issuing PR’s. This low price penny stock could potentially draw some interest with higher oil prices from super aggressive investors looking for a rising stock.

The final name to watch is HyperSolar Inc. (HYSR:OTC.OB). HyperSolar is another potentially hot penny stock. They research and develop a solar concentrator technology that enhances the power output of solar cells. The stock is currently in a trading range, but could test news highs if the group gets strong. Remember, there are traders who constantly look for sympathy plays with penny stocks if the industry’s leader trades well.

Once again, compile your list of stocks before investing and do some homework. Research doesn’t guarantee results, but it certainly can eliminate mistakes.

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AIG WARRANTS | Penny Stocks

AIG WARRANTS AIG WARRANTSLegendary investor Shelby Davis made a good chunk of his fortune buying undervalued insurance stocks on margin, so it made me wonder if he would had dipped his toe in the waters of AIG Warrants (AIG-WT)at these levels.
Davis looked for insurance companies with low PE’s and discounted book values, years ago, he also once maintained a large position in AIG stock. So what would Davis think of AIG now ? Shares of AIG are certainly trading at a discount to book value. The stock closed on Thursday at $24.79 and it has a book value of $47.32.
AIG also has a PE of about 8. Now some skeptics may feel that an 8 multiple isn’t a bargain for such a controversial name that still has a significant U. penny stocks investopedia S. Government stake hanging over the share price. On the other hand, bulls might say that between the periods of 9/30/2006 and 12/31/2007, AIG did trade at multiples of 15x and 24x earnings at one point or another.

AIG WARRANTS Trying To Make a Comeback

By no means are we saying to wake up Friday morning and purchase shares in AIG or AIG Warrants, but based on it’s current valuation, you can see why some are bullish on the name.
Here is the breakdown of how AIG Warrants work :
AIG Warrants have a strike price of $45 and expire on 1/19/2021 and closed Thursday’s trading at $7.49. Just remember, that an additional secondary offering to repay the U.S. Treasury could attract shorts and continue to weigh on the stock. You also have to view investments in any warrant as if it were a LEAP option because of the absence of shareholder equity. So at this point, just add AIG Warrants to your watchlist.

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BAC Warrants | Penny Stocks

BAC WARRANTS BAC WarrantsThere are various opinions on the fate and performance of Bank of America (BAC:NYSE), traders are lured to the stock, but many don’t realize that BAC Warrantsare also attached to the common shares.
At this point, PSE is not making a market call on BAC. We are merely pointing out that there are two other ways to play the stock. An investment in BAC warrants would require a smaller cash outlay, and increased leverage. However, the downside risk is a lack of liquidity and zero equity in the stock.
By definition, a warrant is security that allows the owner to purchase the underlying equity of the issuer. BAC warrants is almost like an option because it allows the buyer of a particular security to exercise into a predetermined price at a fixed expiration date. penny stocks trading at .0001
On the sentiment side, BAC CEO, Brian Moynihan is trying to work through Ken Lewis’ botched Countrywide Financial acquisition, he’s also sold half of BAC’s position in China Construction Bank, and while he facilitated a deal with Warren Buffett to regain investor confidence, skeptics still remain in the stock. Shares of BAC still currently remain down roughly 15% for the month of August.

BAC WARRANTS Trading Aggresive

Now at this point you should drop any bias that you have for or against BAC, and just take a peek at these BAC warrants. Only because if the common shares remain newsy and extremely liquid, BAC Warrants will remain a quality trading vehicle for aggressive NYSE buyers and penny stock players a like.
Now to cut to the chase, here are the terms of the BAC warrants in question:
BAC-WTA have a strike price of $13.30 and expire on 1/16/2019. The BAC warrants are even more speculative than the A series, and might be more suited to the aggressive penny stock investor type. These warrants have a strike price of $30.79 and expire on 0/28/2018.
Regardless of your bias, add these two series of BAC Warrants to your watchlist.

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June, 2010 | Penny Stocks

bin laden death Bin Laden Death And Oil StocksThis piece will probably be the first of many that you will see from us regarding the impact of Bin Laden’s death on the global markets. Markets rallied on the news of successful military maneuver, and expectedly, oil traded lower. Is this too simple ? Probably. Does anyone really think that Al-Qaeda is simply going to close up shop because of Bin Laden’s death ? That just seems naive to me. Now don’t get me wrong, the Obama administration deserves a ton of credit for executing what seemed like a flawless plan, while taking a major amount of political risk. However, if you read between the lines, airlines are increasing random passenger checks, and the U.S. State Department has issued a travel alert. In other words it’s just not that simple for stock traders to simply go short oil related stocks and long most other sectors. 5 penny stock energy plays nasdaq Do you really think a stock like Exxon Mobil (XOM:NYSE) is going to sell of sharply because of this event ? Do you think that penny stock traders will lose interest in oil related micro caps because of Al Qaeda losing their figurehead ?

For instance, what happens if we see even more unrest in the Middle East because of Bin Laden’s death, and North Africa due to this event ? How would that impact oil prices and stocks ? Now it’s obviously a possibility that some selling in oil related investments may take place in the near term. But will that selling just be creating buying opportunities? Right now, there are just far too many moving parts to this announcement to take any type perceived market direction for granted. The situation is just too fluid at this point. This is why we will be providing color on the story and how it impacts the market on a fairly frequent basis this week. We will also provide some specific stocks to watch too, but only after the market action plays out a little bit. At this point, the best approach might just be to sit tight, and start forming a list of stocks that will react to this event. Stay tuned, we will be back with some specific names soon.

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June, 2010 | Penny Stocks


vizs stock chart Stock Watch (OTC:VIZS)

1. VIZS is a minority owned business.  Fortune 1000 companies MUST spend money with diverse businesses.  VIZS has a great angle here.  So much money is being spent that VIZS would only need to capture minuet fractions of these budgets to generate huge revenue.

2.We love gold, silver, oil

etc.  But this is something unique and different that we feel will

attract investors

to this

penny stock

.  There are a thousand different

gold companies

, while there are only just a few

private jet booking companies

in this massive $8.5 billion dollar industry.

3. VIZS just started to trade.  It is a virtually unknown company right now.  VIZS was up 14% yesterday on news of just a $2 million revenue acquisition.  If the company has any other news that they are waiting on releasing we could see a buying frenzy. penny stocks 2017 to watch   Investors are always looking for a ground floor opportunity.

4. BUZZ:  If people aren’t talking, they aren’t buying.  The internet is humming with chatter about VIZS.  Everyone is talking.  Since the company just started trading, investors could be looking to see where the price settles and gets comfortable.  If VIZS closes in the green again today lookout.  The eyes that will be on VIZS could cause an EXPLOSION!!


VIZS is obviously looking to expand.  They already announced one acquisition.  If VIZS continues to buy companies that are already producing revenues and have a large client base we could see an impact.  I like that they are out there buying out competition.  Many companies are shying away from owning private jets after the debacle with the Auto industry execs flying to Washington in their private jets and asking Congress for a few billion like it was pocket change.  VIZS can book you a flight almost anywhere with just 4 hours notice. Here is the

Vistar Press Release

Everything is looking good for VIZS on the service.  Only time will tell.  All I know is that I love everything I see so far.

Even if you didn’t participate in VIZS, keep your eye on it.

Bin Laden Bounce | Penny Stocks

The term “Bin Laden Bounce” was used today despite U.S. markets being in a solid uptrend for the past few weeks. Our market has rallied sharply since the brief sell off derived from the earthquake in Japan. So I guess “Bin Laden Rally” would have been a better term to use instead of “Bin Laden Bounce“. However, today, we saw neither a bounce or a rally, despite S&P Futures being up this AM and rallies in foreign markets.

I mentioned in an earlier entry that uncertainty and turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa could be influenced by Bin Laden’s death. Although President Obama and the Navy Seals seemed to perform flawlessly on this mission, which provided a feel good atmosphere to Americans on Monday, terrorism on U.S. soil still remains a harsh reality. Many Americans have moved their concerns from national security to “kitchen table issues” like jobs, the economy and how increasing the debt ceiling could impact their pocketbook.

penny stocks 1000” alt=”anti terrorism stocks Bin Laden Bounce”>However, after Bin Laden’s death, there is a chance that Al Qaeda cells and other fringe terrorist groups could seek revenge in the near future, and if not now, at some point down the road. God forbid it happens, but it could impact not only our way of life, but our personal wealth as well. In the past, during the Bush Era, terror alerts were issued frequently and these upgrades of the threat level often moved a small group of stocks. And the actual terror attacks, that unfortunately happened abroad, have also impacted this list of stocks in the past.

So right now, just as investors buy gold and silver stocks, right now might be time to protect your portfoilio with some anti terror stocks. Hopefully, these stocks will never rally based on a terror attack, and this entry will be a moot point, but that’s probably not very realistic. Here are some names and symbols listed below to add to your list of stocks . Once again, let’s hope the basis for this trade never happens.

L-3 Communications (LLL:NYSE)
Flir Systems (FLIR:NASDAQ)
General Dynamics (GD:NYSE)
Magal Security Systems (MAGS:NASDAQ)
Northrop Grumman (NOC:NYSE)
ManTech International (MANT:NASDAQ)
Lockheed Martin (LMT:NYSE)
American Science and Engineering (ASEI:NASDAQ)
Raytheon (RTN:NYSE)

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Best Penny Stocks to Buy


XOM stock Best Penny Stocks to BuyThis market seems to never run out of surprises. It doesn’t matter how good your list of the best penny stocks is. This market forgets how many rising stocks you had last week, and it doesn’t care if you hit a home run yesterday on a pharmaceutical penny stockplay. My sense tells me that the market is neglecting to focus on the continued unrest in the Middle East and potentially could be focusing a little too much on Japan’s need for oil imports. This might be why oil closed under $100 per barrel for the first time since February. Despite the fact that some financial pundits are predicting $5 per gallon gas in the near future.

Relatively conservative, liquid, safe haven names like Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) and Suncor Energy (NYSE:SU) have been hammered in the last few trading sessions. Does the decline continue ? Or is it time to look for rising stocks in the oil space ? Now might be as good a time as any to form a list of stocks in the oil sector. This list could include large caps and some of the best penny stocks. penny stocks volatile It’s probably pretty safe to say that once Japan becomes a smaller percentage of the news cycle, the Middle East turmoil will come back into play.

Energy Stocks may be the best penny stocks to buy

suncor energy Best Penny Stocks to BuyToday, the Saudi’s and the UAE sent tropps into Bahrain. However, many casual observers may have missed this important event due to the sad and unfortunate issue of the Japanese earthquake and nuclear issues.There is no safe or sure way to pick a bottom in a particular sector and it would probably only surprise a select few if oil traded lower and consequently provided a negative impact on your best list of penny stocks. However, even successful hedge funds and investors like Warren Buffet scale into positions. So take a look at the space and if you decide to act try to build a basket of stocks. This approach increases you odds of identifyingthe best penny stocks to buy. Please remember that large caps like Exxon are different than speculative shale based penny stocks. So adjust your portfolio accordingly if you think oil is too cheap.

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April, 2011 | Penny Stocks


Heads up on some names that could prove to be active on Friday. Some potentially hot stocks are listed below :

Lithium Corp. (LTUM.OB) Forget the fundamentals, charts, or the the fact that they announced some positive brine sampling news this morning. The stock will probably trade higher or lower based on amount of buyers and followers of the Lithium Exploration Group (LEXG:OB) that come into the name. LTUM is a pure sympathy play and should be added to your penny stock list. I want to apologize for not mentioning it earlier in earlier pieces. We are always mentioning sympathy plays and I simply missed this name. Despite putting LEXG on the watchlist in it’s early stages of the move.

IShares Silver Trust (SLV:NYSE) This Silver ETF is a common name on our stocks to watch list. Probably too common, but it ripped again today, and simple needs to be watched. At this point the gold to silver ratio, fundamentals, and industrial uses of silver are out the window. The precious metal is probably going where traders want to take it. Also, since I mentioned sympathy plays, look for a silver mining penny stock to add to your list.

Netsuite (N:NYSE) Don’t now much about this name, but I do know that it’s are up in the aftermarket on earnings and is the highest trending stock on Yahoo Market Pulse. I don’t wan’t to give you direction, but there should be some action in the AM.

Encounter Technologies (ENTI.PK) As you guys already know, I like to highlight the most active IHUB message board. But today, I am going with the second most active because you already know about LEXG and it’s first. ENTI is just another sub penny stock that’s become watched. Today the sellers were stronger, and ENTI was down a little over 11.11 %. Is it a bounce candidate for a sub penny stock scalper ? We will see.

Las Vegas Sands (LVS:NYSE) I just want to mention this casino stock because the group has cooled off a little. On a chart LVS is looking like it’s trying to find it’s sea legs. It still has the lower highs above as resistance. I am not sure if this is dead money for now or breaks sharply in either direction, but it merits attention.

Whirlpool (WHR:NYSE) Cramer plugged the company on the Lightening Round, so it probably sees a little premarket action. It’s funny though, there are some who buy Cramer picks and there are others who short or fade his buy recs. Anyway, WHR was down today and could be a bounce candidate on Friday.

Clearwire (CLWR:NASDAQ) Down again after doing a secondary offering on Wednesday. Great story, and everyone talks about spectrum, but CLWR seems to be a chronic disappointment to longs. Many thought this would participate once Sprint broke out over $5, CLWR is just a hard story to grasp.

Sprint (S:NYSE) Since I mentioned CLWR, I might as well throw in Sprint. It traded nicely today and was up over 6% , but remember, there is a gap to fill from yesterday, so don’t be surprised if it briefly retraces. Also, remember that Sprint is in a super competitive space.

Radient Pharmaceuticals (RPC:AMEX) This name was also on our list of stocks to watch earlier in the week. Today, RPC was the top gainer on the AMEX and was up over 15%. As I said in a prior piece, you have to keep an eye on this one and be ready to jump in once you see volume. We hit a home run on this one a while back and alerted our subscribers, but right now this is probably just a trading vehicle. So don’t be surprised if it retraces.

IShares Msci Japan Fund (EWJ:NYSE) I’ll close with this one and be super brief and to the point. Doesn’t it just feel like the Japan economy has bottomed ?

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Stock Market Report | Penny Stocks

.DJIA:  12220.59
.COMP:  2743.06
S&P 500: 1313.80
10-Yr Treasury: 3.445
Crude Oil: 105.40
Natural Gas 4.403
Gold (Troy Ounce) 1426.10

Most Active Stocks

Citigroup (C)
SPDR S&P 500 (SPY)
Bank of America (BAC)
IShares Russell 2000 (IWM)
Power Shares QQQ (QQQ)
Oracle (ORCL)

US Markets:

Last week we saw the market rise on very light volume. This is obviously a sign that the market can go in either direction. Bulls feel that buying could come in as a result of end of the quarter window dressing. There also has been some encouraging economic news, but bears feel there is too much global uncertainty to get aggressive on the long side.

As usual this week, global events will weigh in on the market direction. Aside from the obvious, look at the close of Asian markets for a better read on how we will fare on Monday.

On the positive side, both Apple (AAPL:NASDAQ) and IBM (IBM:NYSE) looked strong and could bolster technology stocks next week. The strength of the ServiceSource IPO (SREV:NASDAQ) also showed there is still some strength left in the new issue market. However, this is the time of year when PM’s sell their losers and buy the “darlings” just so they have the hot names on the books. This may give bottom fishers a reason for pause.

Currency Market:

Despite the growing uncertainty in the dollar, it advanced Friday due to positive economic reports and the potential of a tightened monetary policy. Despite the good performance from the buck, many currency traders took positions in the Euro versus the dollar. Events in Portugal and Ireland could further influence the action this week.


Last week both gold and silver stocks continued their respective uptrend’s. Both metals fared well despite the dollar’s strong performance on Friday. The rally in both of these two precious metals seems to be fueled by speculators at this point. However, Silver has a psyche level of $40 to test and a break of that number could cause massive short covering. Gold is also trying to re-test the 52 week high. that it set on Thursday.


See our frequent entries on new issues and secondaries for more color.

Stocks to Watch:

Cameco Corporation (CCJ:NYSE) The uranium producer is by far the best real time indicator of what is going on in the Japan nuclear crisis. Keep it on you screen as an indicator.

Molycorp: (MCP:NYSE) Rare earth’s got hot again last week. MCP is the industry leader and if their is one rare earth stock for PM’s to buy, then this is probably the one.

Greenway Design (GDGI.PK) Absolutely ripped last week. Closed near the high last week and may have it’s eyes on the $2 handle.

Research In Motion (RIMM:NASDAQ) Crushed last week on earnings could see the reverse effect of window dressing. Many PM’s might want to keep this one off the books until April.

Silver Wheaton (SLW:NYSE) Just a simple way to play silver without buying the commodity or futures.

Netflix (NFLX:NASDAQ) The $300 target by Goldman Sachs smashed the shorts again. Some may re-short here or higher , but how much punishment can somebody take. A break of 232 could start another squeeze with buy stops being taken out.

Check back often for more market reports, penny stock alerts and updates on IPO’s and secondary offerings.

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8 Stocks to Watch | Penny Stocks

Here are some stocks to watch for Friday. They range from penny stocks to larger caps. Add these names to your list of stocks.

SodaStream (SODA:NASDAQ) The company did a secondary offering yesterday yesterday that was well received. The deal was priced at $43.50, and even with the dilution this name could still see new highs in an up market.

Jammin Java (JAMN.OB) We issued an alert to subscribers yesterday on this name because of the pullback on Wednesday, and it rallied sharply. Hopefully you added it to your list of penny stocks. The performance of JAMN.OB yesterday was a textbook example of how to trade penny stocks.

Southwest Airlines (LUV:NYSE) Shares have been slowly dripping lower since the FAA inspections. However, lower oil prices could cause shorts to cash in on small gains.

Tytan Holdings (TYTN.PK) Tytan has the most active message board on IHUB at the time of this entry. This often leads to penny stock action. Not sure if it’s higher or lower though.

Universal Detection (UNDT.OB) Most active Bulletin Board penny stock yesterday and was up over 22%. Do traders take profits today or add more looking for weekend news. Great action in the stock yesterday and is worthy to add to your list of penny stocks.

General Motors (GM:NYSE) People have seemed to fall out of love with auto stocks quickly. But, are they looking oversold. It’s probably best to sit on the sidelines with the entire group.

American Superconductor (AMSC:NASDAQ) This is another trading name that should be watched. The recent drop has caused a lot of interest, on both the long and short side. Options might be the best way to approach this one.

Silever Wheaton (SLW:NYSE) Shares have been a little week recently. Is this just a pullback or have the shorts finally gaining some traction ?

Stay tuned for more penny stock alerts, market reports and IPO updates. Also, please remember to form your list of stocks. Many feel that this market can go either way from here and preparation may help you avoid some costly mistakes.

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