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The term “Bin Laden Bounce” was used today despite U.S. markets being in a solid uptrend for the past few weeks. Our market has rallied sharply since the brief sell off derived from the earthquake in Japan. So I guess “Bin Laden Rally” would have been a better term to use instead of “Bin Laden Bounce“. However, today, we saw neither a bounce or a rally, despite S&P Futures being up this AM and rallies in foreign markets.

I mentioned in an earlier entry that uncertainty and turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa could be influenced by Bin Laden’s death. Although President Obama and the Navy Seals seemed to perform flawlessly on this mission, which provided a feel good atmosphere to Americans on Monday, terrorism on U.S. soil still remains a harsh reality. Many Americans have moved their concerns from national security to “kitchen table issues” like jobs, the economy and how increasing the debt ceiling could impact their pocketbook.

penny stocks 1000” alt=”anti terrorism stocks Bin Laden Bounce”>However, after Bin Laden’s death, there is a chance that Al Qaeda cells and other fringe terrorist groups could seek revenge in the near future, and if not now, at some point down the road. God forbid it happens, but it could impact not only our way of life, but our personal wealth as well. In the past, during the Bush Era, terror alerts were issued frequently and these upgrades of the threat level often moved a small group of stocks. And the actual terror attacks, that unfortunately happened abroad, have also impacted this list of stocks in the past.

So right now, just as investors buy gold and silver stocks, right now might be time to protect your portfoilio with some anti terror stocks. Hopefully, these stocks will never rally based on a terror attack, and this entry will be a moot point, but that’s probably not very realistic. Here are some names and symbols listed below to add to your list of stocks . Once again, let’s hope the basis for this trade never happens.

L-3 Communications (LLL:NYSE)
Flir Systems (FLIR:NASDAQ)
General Dynamics (GD:NYSE)
Magal Security Systems (MAGS:NASDAQ)
Northrop Grumman (NOC:NYSE)
ManTech International (MANT:NASDAQ)
Lockheed Martin (LMT:NYSE)
American Science and Engineering (ASEI:NASDAQ)
Raytheon (RTN:NYSE)

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