April, 2011 | Penny Stocks


Heads up on some names that could prove to be active on Friday. Some potentially hot stocks are listed below :

Lithium Corp. (LTUM.OB) Forget the fundamentals, charts, or the the fact that they announced some positive brine sampling news this morning. The stock will probably trade higher or lower based on amount of buyers and followers of the Lithium Exploration Group (LEXG:OB) that come into the name. LTUM is a pure sympathy play and should be added to your penny stock list. I want to apologize for not mentioning it earlier in earlier pieces. We are always mentioning sympathy plays and I simply missed this name. Despite putting LEXG on the watchlist in it’s early stages of the move.

IShares Silver Trust (SLV:NYSE) This Silver ETF is a common name on our stocks to watch list. Probably too common, but it ripped again today, and simple needs to be watched. At this point the gold to silver ratio, fundamentals, and industrial uses of silver are out the window. The precious metal is probably going where traders want to take it. Also, since I mentioned sympathy plays, look for a silver mining penny stock to add to your list.

Netsuite (N:NYSE) Don’t now much about this name, but I do know that it’s are up in the aftermarket on earnings and is the highest trending stock on Yahoo Market Pulse. I don’t wan’t to give you direction, but there should be some action in the AM.

Encounter Technologies (ENTI.PK) As you guys already know, I like to highlight the most active IHUB message board. But today, I am going with the second most active because you already know about LEXG and it’s first. ENTI is just another sub penny stock that’s become watched. Today the sellers were stronger, and ENTI was down a little over 11.11 %. Is it a bounce candidate for a sub penny stock scalper ? We will see.

Las Vegas Sands (LVS:NYSE) I just want to mention this casino stock because the group has cooled off a little. On a chart LVS is looking like it’s trying to find it’s sea legs. It still has the lower highs above as resistance. I am not sure if this is dead money for now or breaks sharply in either direction, but it merits attention.

Whirlpool (WHR:NYSE) Cramer plugged the company on the Lightening Round, so it probably sees a little premarket action. It’s funny though, there are some who buy Cramer picks and there are others who short or fade his buy recs. Anyway, WHR was down today and could be a bounce candidate on Friday.

Clearwire (CLWR:NASDAQ) Down again after doing a secondary offering on Wednesday. Great story, and everyone talks about spectrum, but CLWR seems to be a chronic disappointment to longs. Many thought this would participate once Sprint broke out over $5, CLWR is just a hard story to grasp.

Sprint (S:NYSE) Since I mentioned CLWR, I might as well throw in Sprint. It traded nicely today and was up over 6% , but remember, there is a gap to fill from yesterday, so don’t be surprised if it briefly retraces. Also, remember that Sprint is in a super competitive space.

Radient Pharmaceuticals (RPC:AMEX) This name was also on our list of stocks to watch earlier in the week. Today, RPC was the top gainer on the AMEX and was up over 15%. As I said in a prior piece, you have to keep an eye on this one and be ready to jump in once you see volume. We hit a home run on this one a while back and alerted our subscribers, but right now this is probably just a trading vehicle. So don’t be surprised if it retraces.

IShares Msci Japan Fund (EWJ:NYSE) I’ll close with this one and be super brief and to the point. Doesn’t it just feel like the Japan economy has bottomed ?

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