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As noted in a prior blog entry this week, we feel oil could be volatile and undervalued. The growing concern over nuclear power is making fossil fuels fashionable again. Throw Libya and Bahrain in the mix and we could see over $100 for come time. Keep in mind that every world crisis brings opportunities to find fast rising penny stocks. It’s unfortunate, but true.

Now how do play rising oil prices without buying stocks like Exxon (XOM:NYSE) or Shlumberger (SLB:NYSE) ? Most investors try to keep it simple and usually stick with true oil names. Others look for more exotic ways. Namely, alternative energy stocks. Even the more established names in this sector like First Solar (FSLR:NASDAQ) are extremely volatile and move in a fashion similar to a hot penny stock. Alternative energy stocks usually moves higher when oil spikes or trends higher.The current environment and news flow makes it a little easier to put together a stock list with potential rising stocks. As usual try to include both large caps and penny stocks.

I will now mention a few stocks for you to research. The first is Kandi Technologies (KNDI:NASDAQ). They develop electric cars and could trade in sympathy with Tesla Motors (TSLA:NASDAQ) as well. Kandi Technologies is based in China. Kandi has been a darling of  daytraders who provide excellent liquidity.

metatrader 4 penny stocks” alt=”sunvalley solar Alternative Energy Penny Stocks”>The next name to add to your list of stocks is Sunvalley Solar (SSOL:OTC.PK). Sunvalley manufactures solar equipment and is frequently issuing PR’s. This low price penny stock could potentially draw some interest with higher oil prices from super aggressive investors looking for a rising stock.

The final name to watch is HyperSolar Inc. (HYSR:OTC.OB). HyperSolar is another potentially hot penny stock. They research and develop a solar concentrator technology that enhances the power output of solar cells. The stock is currently in a trading range, but could test news highs if the group gets strong. Remember, there are traders who constantly look for sympathy plays with penny stocks if the industry’s leader trades well.

Once again, compile your list of stocks before investing and do some homework. Research doesn’t guarantee results, but it certainly can eliminate mistakes.

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