8 Stocks to Watch | Penny Stocks

Here are some stocks to watch for Friday. They range from penny stocks to larger caps. Add these names to your list of stocks.

SodaStream (SODA:NASDAQ) The company did a secondary offering yesterday yesterday that was well received. The deal was priced at $43.50, and even with the dilution this name could still see new highs in an up market.

Jammin Java (JAMN.OB) We issued an alert to subscribers yesterday on this name because of the pullback on Wednesday, and it rallied sharply. Hopefully you added it to your list of penny stocks. The performance of JAMN.OB yesterday was a textbook example of how to trade penny stocks.

Southwest Airlines (LUV:NYSE) Shares have been slowly dripping lower since the FAA inspections. However, lower oil prices could cause shorts to cash in on small gains.

Tytan Holdings (TYTN.PK) Tytan has the most active message board on IHUB at the time of this entry. This often leads to penny stock action. Not sure if it’s higher or lower though.

Universal Detection (UNDT.OB) Most active Bulletin Board penny stock yesterday and was up over 22%. Do traders take profits today or add more looking for weekend news. Great action in the stock yesterday and is worthy to add to your list of penny stocks.

General Motors (GM:NYSE) People have seemed to fall out of love with auto stocks quickly. But, are they looking oversold. It’s probably best to sit on the sidelines with the entire group.

American Superconductor (AMSC:NASDAQ) This is another trading name that should be watched. The recent drop has caused a lot of interest, on both the long and short side. Options might be the best way to approach this one.

Silever Wheaton (SLW:NYSE) Shares have been a little week recently. Is this just a pullback or have the shorts finally gaining some traction ?

Stay tuned for more penny stock alerts, market reports and IPO updates. Also, please remember to form your list of stocks. Many feel that this market can go either way from here and preparation may help you avoid some costly mistakes.

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